Software Engineering

We see ourselves as engineers for web- and software applications. As such we conceive and implement solutions for every aspect of our customers' businesses. Our efforts are calulated realistically and are tailored to your individual needs.


One of our core domains is the development of web applications. In this regard we offer a wide range of solutions - from simple internet presentations, over inegrated internet applications, to powerful system solutions. Besides established standards (html/5, xml, css, java, etc.) we favour Ruby on Rails.


Do you want to take the chance to unlock new potentials for your company with an individual app? Whether you want to use the app as profitable sales medium, for customer support, or to optimise business processes - we are your partner. By integrating your app in existing systems, we optimise the added value. Based on up-to-date technologies (Android and iOS), we develop tailor-made interactive solutions.

System- and Data Integration

Thoughtfully designed, integrative solutions whose high-performing programming harbours enormous potentials both concerning business processes of internal communication as well as communication with the customer.

Based on our broad experience and knowledge, we will find the ideal design of an open, unitised solution tailored to your individual requirements.

Open Source

Open Source refers to a software which is freely accessible (including the source code). This free access is realised through the respective licensing (GPL, LGPL, Mozilla Public License, Apache License, MIT, etc.). The resulting transparency allows the users to extent, improve and individually adjust their software. Customers of the corresponding solutions thus also possess the freedom to choose their partners who realise the solution and/or maintain it later on.

The quality of Open Source software usually exceeds proprietary solutions evidently as they are surveyed, improved and further developed by a worldwide community. Well known solutions like for instance 'Apache', 'Firefox' and 'Wikipedia' firmly prove this fact.

Depending on prior, objective analyses and tranparent 'make or buy'-decisions, we offer solutions and services building on Open Source Software to our clients. In this way professional applications in the fields of mass data processing (big data), collaboration, smartphone apps, workflow- and content management develop. The utilisation of Open Source involves significantly lower costs for our customers. Moreover, the dependency on manufactorers of proprietary systems is no longer required.