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Contacts, appointments, e-mails, notes, tasks, documents, project documentation, plans, facts, figures, tables, pictures, reports, videos, music etc. Safe access from the office and on the move

Open Source, open, immediately available and with personal care

More Internet Security – Our campaign for SMEs

A high level of IT security and data protection are essential prerequisites for the lasting performance of your company. However, modern information technologies will only succeed if they work safely and reliably. The required IT security management processes must be established, standardised and regularly updated. As a manufacturer of intelligent IT solutions, we offer you individual, customised, tailor-made products – all from a single source, cost-effective, safe, efficient, directly available and with personal support. This includes:

  • Secure access without losing convenience – Thanks to DNSSEC / DANE (TLSA)
  • Safe communication channels – secured via TLS
  • Secure systems – data backup encrypted on your own server in a German data center
  • Open Source Solutions for Groupware, Private Cloud, My App & Web Hosting (Managed Hosting)
  • Full service – 24x7 management, operation and monitoring – Promised!

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