Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the name of the future project for comprehensive digitization of industrial production. There, the Internet plays the central role of the new technology, which aims to enable intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry with the help of information and communication technologies. The aim is to optimize not just one production step, but the entire value chain – a largely self-organized production should be possible. Uniform standards for different sectors of industry as well as the legal framework, changes in education and work, IT security and data protection pose new and particular challenges.

In this context, various opportunities open up for companies to benefit from intelligent networking. Optimized logistics, customer-centered solutions, flexible production and a convertible factory, a resource-efficient circular economy and the targeted use of data create new opportunities for employees and employers.

aixzellent-manufactory 4.0

We at aixzellent not only see the potential of the fourth industrial revolution, but want to play an active role in shaping it with our manufactory for intelligent IT solutions. Our individual solutions can:

  • Digitally network your production,
  • optimize utilization during production,
  • improve the productivity and profitability of your company,
  • bring companies closer to their customers,
  • optimize the flow of goods,
  • revise business models,
  • ect.

In order to implement this, we find and implement solutions for smooth process integration in your specific business processes, such as a suitable online shop integration, which optimizes your sales processing in the network.

We also analyze the possibilities to actively control your processes in order to optimize the automation of your processes. Our specialists own the know-how to implement your ideas prototypically first and then permanently. For our cost-saving fast prototyping approach, we appreciate the almost unlimited application possibilities of the single-board computer Rasberry Pi: The small universal computer can not only be used as a remote-controlled multimedia station, weather station, room monitoring system, central irrigation controller or to monitor the network traffic. It also offers a reasonably priced basis for hardware prototypes with a wide range of applications, due to its open hardware and software platform and its diverse interfaces. There are hardly no applications that cannot be realized with the small computer.