More Internet Security – Our Campaign for SMEs

Since around 99 % of all corporations count to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), economic processes are both directly and indirectly heavily influenced by them. Due to their wide-ranging know-how, SMEs are also often subject to economic espionage and cyber criminals trying to take advantage of knowledge on business processes and the electronic processing of information. A high level of IT security and data protection are therefore fundamental preconditions for a stable and enduring performance of your company.

However, the usage of modern information technologies will only contribute effectively to your success if it works both safely and reliably. Therefore, any IT infrastructure – private or commercial – should not only be based on the principles of reliability, confidentiality, availability and integrity, but must also be able to effectively ensure and guarantee them anytime. The loss of data, security vulnerability concerning technology and applications, failures, or the unwarranted intrusion in and reading of electronic communication by unauthorised third parties (“man-in-the-middle-attacks”) can have significant consequences for the reputation, and in severe cases even for the survival of SMEs in competition.

Consequently, the goal to reach, ensure, keep and continuously improve this level of security should be the priority of any SME. In order to guarantee high security standards in the long-run, the necessary precautions do not only have to be established but must also be integrated into the associated IT security management processes, standardised and regularly updated. It is not sufficient to implement the security measures only once without checking their applicability and functionality continuously. 

Moreover, the short-term implementation of all necessary measures presents especially SMEs often with a big challenge due to the complex nature of IT security and the frequently scarce availability of resources at their disposal. As a manufactory for intelligent IT solutions, we offer you tailor-made products to address these which are designed in close collaboration with you to your individual needs and wishes. This includes:      

  • Safe access without losing convenience – “man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks” (like for instance DNS spoofing or cache poisoning) will be eliminated thanks to DNSSEC/DANE (TLSA).
  • Safe communication – all channels of communication are provided safely via TLS (including forward secrecy).


  • Safe systemsevery client will get his own server, secured according to the latest technology. All your data will be encrypted safely, backed up daily and exclusively hosted in German colocation centres.

However, we are not only concerned with safety. We combine our know-how concerning the backup of systems, access and communication with offering ready-to-use applications:

  • GroupwareAnytime and anywhere synchronous and connected with your clients, partners and employees.
  • Private CloudYou decide who is allowed to access your data, while optimising your processes (incl. version control, wiki, blog, forums, workflow, etc.).
  • Web HostingWe take care of all your web applications – everything from a single source.

You think anyone is able to do this? Unfortunately not… We offer you all services you will need to run such solutions secured and with the currently highest possible safety on the Internet.

  • Corporate solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – The open source solution portfolio we selected is individually adjustable to your personal needs and offers especially to SMEs a scope of services which is usually only provided in “big” companies.
  • Full service for all solutions (Managed Hosting) – You will not have to deal with technical details and configurations – we will take care of all necessary operations (maintenance, e.g. setting up users, backups, etc.) at a fixed price which is already included in our offers.
  • 24/7 management, monitoring and operations. 365 days a year. For sure. Promise!

We offer everything from a single source – “Made in Germany”, affordable, safe, efficient, immediately available and with personal care. In doing so, it is always our goal to offer you a significant added value to your business processes.