05/2014 - The end of Truecrypt - what a shame

Though being in wide use, the developers of Truecrypt unfortunately ceased their progress on the tool to encrypt data and hard discs. However, there is no need to worry as no indications of a compromising through the Audit Project have been observed yet. In addition to that, the Audit Project declared to continue the inspection of the source code of the programme's version 7.1.a. In the end, there will be a final report and yet the last full version 7.1.a of Truecrypt is still downloadable and usable by several providers.

04/2014 - Heartbleed-GAU with disastrousd consequences

OpenSSL vulnerabilities result in a considerable safety gap on correspondingly installed servers (at our place this contains essentially all of them). The immediately available software patches had already been installed on our servers when the announcement was formally published. The monitoring of our servers did not indicate their possible collapse at any time. Nevertheless, all SSL certificates and access data are constantly updated.

03/2014 - Telekom, GMX & Co. will encrypt in future

We have always been doing this...

01/2014 - Safe communication with mail servers

We establish the mail servers of our clients already in the basic configuration in a way that all mail traffic from (e.g. via pop, imap oder mapi) and to (e.g. via smtp oder mapi) the server is always encrypted. Thereby, we also pay attention that 'perfect forward secrecy' is usually ensured.

12/2013 - Optimaler Betrieb auf dedizierten Systemen

In 2013 konnten wir unsere Kunden erneut von der Leistungsfähigkeit der Services von aixzellent in Sachen Cloud Computing und Managed Hosting überzeugen.

Auf Basis des Leistungsstarken Open Source Dokumenten Management Systems der Alfresco Software, Inc. sowie unserer Anpassungen für das Projektmanagement können Sie wichtige Projekte für den Zugriff großer Projektteams sicher bereitstellen, ohne sich um die Komplexität von Anwendung und Betrieb kümmern zu müssen.

Ergänzt um die Vorzüge der Open Source Groupware der Zarafa BV bleiben Sie in direktem Kontakt mit Ihren Mitarbeitern und Kunden. Darüber hinaus synchronisieren sich alle Ihre Geräte, egal ob Notebook, Tablet oder Smartphone automatisch und stets aktuell.