11/2017 – Our new video for the campaign "More Internet Security" is available now!

Just in time with our anniversary and on the occasion of the transition from Zarafa to Kopano, we have updated our video for the campaign "More Internet Security" and are pleased to present the result here. Based on DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities) and DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) protocols, aixzellent has developed various solutions to secure your data in the best possible way. The protocols use origin authentication to ensure that no invisible third party (man-in-the-middle) can engage in, intercept, or even steal data. On the one hand, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often faced with a major challenge due to the lack of resources and know-how. On the other hand, data loss can be very expensive, particularly for SMEs, with far-reaching consequences that can even threaten their very existence. In addition to that, the dangers of increasing digitisation are steadily increasing in frequency and refinement. Therefore, we made offering tailor-made solutions for such companies at affordable prices with first-class service our business. An overview of our offer can be found here. What is special about each of our solutions is that they are designed specifically for you based on what you need. In that way we can guarantee the highest level of individuality and that you will only get and pay for what you really need. In a personal conversation we take the time to advise you free of charge and without any obligation. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

10/2017 – We celebrate our five-year company anniversary – celebrate with us!

After the brand aixzellent had been registered successfully in the German trade mark register in the late summer of 2012, we published our first news article on our new website five years ago. Since then, we regularly report on news, trends, threats, questions and products around the IT area. As a managed hosting provider, our focus is on data protection, encryption and secure, cost-efficient solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

As successful IT service, we bundle our knowledge, our passion and our experience for the consultancy of our customers and the design of tailor-made open source solutions. What distinguishes us from other well-known hosting providers is our effort to offer our customers the highest level of security AND individuality at affordable prices. At the same time, we protect your data and systems 24/7 and assist you with advice and active support whenever needed.

We warmly invite you to celebrate this joyful event with us and to continue to benefit from our services in the future. And yet, it is worth to be quick! Our exclusive anniversary offer will safe you the monthly costs for all starter- and premium solutions up to 31-03-18! In addition to that, we grant you a special reduction on the set-up fee (starter 19€* instead of 29€* & premium 49€* instead of 99€*) for the implementation and installation of your aixzellent solution. After the 24-month term, the contract may be terminated on a monthly basis.

You are not sure which solution suits you best or you still have questions? No problem, we will advise you without any commitment and free of charge! Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can find an overview of our starter- and premium- solutions here. We thank you for your trust and loyalty and look forward to the next years of successful cooperation with you!

* Incl. legal value-added tax (VAT) of currently 19%.

08/2017 – With aixzellent you will find the perfect fitting security solution for your SME!

More than 50 % of all German companies have been victims of digital economic espionage or data corruption in recent years. And yet, the estimated number of unreported cases is much higher. In addition, such attacks are no longer confined to large companies and corporations. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have to deal intensively with the safeguarding of their data and company values since specifically here most of the necessary security measures, resources and know-how are lacking. For this reason, in particular SMEs need cost-effective and easy-to-operate security solutions which offer comprehensive and reliable protection with little effort.

Virus scanners and firewalls are usually existing but are often insufficient to protect SMEs reliably from data theft, abuse and cyberattacks since hackers know many other loopholes like for instance security gaps in the domain name system (DNS) to get into enterprise networks. The impact of such cyberattacks is as serious as versatile. Sensitive data is lost, company secrets are spied on and the reputation of a company is also at stake because both partners and customers alike rely on the security of their data. Once this confidence is shaken, it will be very difficult to restore it.

Moreover, SMEs are also increasingly faced with the challenge that more mobile employees are (partially) working from home or in the distribution of customers and partners. Also in these cases, the full security of all company data must also be fully ensured. The key to an optimised IT security success for SMEs is usually a combination of security solutions. For example, a cloud provides a comprehensive protection of the IT infrastructure with which stored data can be retrieved and used at any time. The administration of all contacts, appointments, calendars, etc. is made possible by a groupware solution while VPN allows secure access to company networks from anywhere.

These are just a few examples of many flexible, tailor-made managed hosting solutions that we design and implement specifically and individually for SMEs. The special thing is that your data are hosted exclusively on servers in Germany and are therefore not transmitted in countries with questionable to completely inadequate data protection laws. With the help of automated provisioning and monitoring systems, we also maintain and monitor your systems 24/7 securely, efficiently, cost-effectively and are at your disposal with advice, support and assistance at any time. Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, personal consultation right away! [Source:]

07/2017 – Is there no alternative to the use of the most popular social media & messenger services? Not at all!

Almost everyone uses social media and messenger services every day... But why is this almost exclusively limited to Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.? The most obvious answer seems to be: Because most people are active in these networks which allows a particularly broad range – both to reach others as well as to be heard by others. If everyone persists on this viewpoint, unfortunately, nothing will ever change – although there are much more good reasons to use alternatives than to stick to the most widely used networks, thereby supporting their monopoly.

If you want to make use of services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Co., it is unavoidable to agree to the general terms and conditions as well as to the data protection guidelines. But honestly, who reads all this every time? This is even though everyone should always have read everything in the small print to give consent consciously. In the currently valid terms and conditions of Facebook (as of January 30, 2015), for example, users explicitly must give their permission to a worldwide license which allows the platform to use all published contents (texts, photos and videos) which are actually protected by the right of intellectual property.

This means that ownership and control over all published content must be handed over to third parties forever and irrevocably, while allowing Facebook additionally to collect and use this information for its own purposes. If you do not want this, you de facto cannot use the network anymore. This should be clear to everyone. With Twitter, it does not look much better. Regardless of the country from which you provide your data, you must authorise the company to reuse all information in the US and in any other country in which it is active. Consequently, it remains perfectly unclear where personal data are spread and used.

The updated terms and conditions of WhatsApp published last year make the use of the service almost impossible, too, since you must confirm that you are authorised to transfer the contact data saved in your address book to the company. Not a single user of the messenger has probably obtained such permission from each individual contact. Consequently, the use of such services does not only lead to a negligent handling of one’s own data, but also of those of completely uninvolved third parties. Even worse – this does of course also affect those who have deliberately decided to use alternatives to protect themselves against this madness. Therefore, it should be clear to everyone that everybody does not only bear responsibility for his own data, but also for those of others.

This should rouse even those with a “I do not care attitude” at the very latest and motivate to use services such as Diaspora, Mastodon, Signal and Co. Instead of storing data on huge central servers belonging to large organisations located in regions with questionable privacy guidelines, local servers (pods) can be set up anywhere in the world for the free use of the social network Diaspora. Therefore, you do not only decide with which pod you want to register, but you will also always preserve the rights over your data. Another decentralised free alternative on open-source basis is the 2016 in Germany developed microblogging service Mastodon.

Here, so called toots are posted instead of tweets. In addition to the self-determination how the content of these toots will be used, they allow the utilisation of up to 500 characters. Moreover, there is a particularly recommendable alternative to the messenger service WhatsApp taken over by Facebook in 2014 which treats data security as top priority. If Open Whisper Systems was forced to release data from Signal users and their communication, the company would only be able to provide their registration date and the time of the last login. Everything else is neither visible nor saved, but is encrypted just as any content.

The bottom line is that Diaspora, Mastodon, Signal and Co. are clearly more transparent and user-friendly platforms than Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Co., on which the user, his interests and, above all, data security are clearly in the focus. All laws for the protection of personal data will be ineffective and useless if providers constantly disregard them, while users support this behaviour by using such services. Therefore, anybody should constantly ask him-/herself whether he/she is aware of and constantly giving sufficient consideration to this responsibility. If this question cannot be answered with a clear “yes” in any case, it will be high time to build up a second mainstay, as well as to convince family and friends to also use it exclusively in the long term.

Further services, information and comparisons are available via abrufbar.


03/2017 – This is how aixVPN contributes to your safety anywhere & anytime!

In times of increasing digitalisation and an ever-increasing use of public WLAN networks, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) offer a simple and highly secure solution to protect oneself against attacks on personal and/or business data at any time and from anywhere. This is both for private and business purposes more than only useful. Current risks make the renouncement to use this security-plus provided by VPN almost acting carelessly. Not until VPN connections are used, you will be able to access all services you need one hundred percent securely.

Next to the protection against attacks when using public, unsecured WLAN networks – firewalls, geoblocking and unwanted tracking can also be prevented by making use of your very own VPN tunnel. Not to mention the fact that governments in many parts of the world have been systematically monitoring users or even blocking certain Internet sites, thereby severely restricting and threatening the freedom of expression, and thus human rights.

The handling is moreover particularly simple and above all absolutely securely. After we have set up your VPN connection and provided you with your very own personal security certificate, your entire traffic is secured through your German VPN server so that your actual IP address is not visible to the visited websites and services.

Our aixVPN solution based on OpenVPN ensures high security through a SSL/TLS tunnel. Additionally, the type of the encryption algorithm and the key length play a decisive role. aixVPN has an AES-256 encryption, an RSA key length of 4096 bits, and a cryptographic SHA-2 hash function. These features go far beyond what is recommended by experts.

And best of all is that you do not have to worry about the installation, configuration and secure operation – we will take care of everything, from the set-up, to maintenance, to regular updates and protection! Curious? Let yourself be inspired by our aixVPN solutions for private applications (Starter) as well as for companies (Premium). If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us! [Source:,3326654]