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01/2019 – Static vs. dynamic website - which one is the right for your company?

Static vs. dynamic website - which one is the right for your company?

Static or dynamic website? That's the basic question your company has to face when creating the own website. However, there is no general answer for better use, both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, the input has to be weighed up from project to project.

On static websites, a HTML document is technically presented on the web server, which is written and designed like a kind of prospect.


  • No special technical requirements,
  • requires no database connections,
  • low and fast creation effort,
  • cost-saving creation,
  • low running costs,
  • low memory capacity.


  • Usually, content can only be changed with the appropriate knowledge or software and requires a lot of time,
  • the larger the pages, the more confusing the source code.

Target group: If you only plan a small website that has to be updated irregularly, a static website is sufficient – for example a simple web business card with address and opening hours.

Dynamic websites communicate with the server and are actively generated at the moment of their request.


  • Flexibility: Content can easily be expanded online without special knowledge and software,
  • Individuality: Content and design can be changed independently,
  • Multi-user operation: Multiple users are responsible for different parts of the website,
  • easy design of multilingual websites,
  • current content will be found by search engines.


  • Higher overhead, because servers and possibly database required,
  • higher startup costs,
  • higher running costs,
  • larger storage space requirement.

Target group: Who plans a larger webiste, which should be maintained continuously with current content, such as search queries, ordering systems or form.

We would be happy to help you personally to find the ideal solution for your company.

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