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Environmental protection by aixzellent

Environmental protection is one of the most important and current challenges of our time. That’s why we implemented those criteria’s into our corporate philosophy a long time ago.

As a company we are aware of our responsibility and therefore focus on sustainable solutions, such as the sensitization of our employees: The sensitization helps us to identify potentials for savings of energy and resources in our company, in the administration, for our business trips and even for our daily way to work. This is implemented and lived by our employees. By video conferencing, switching to public transport or establishing bicycles instead of cars we can reduce a significant amount of our companie’s CO2 emissions.

We also want to promote the energy-efficient use of the Internet. By running our servers exclusively in Germany at the provider Hetzner, we make sure that they are operated with 100% carbon dioxide-free and environmentally friendly hydropower. When selecting hardware or network components we use power consumption as essential criteria. If possible, we rely on the reuse of already manufactured server hardware and avoid energy-consuming and resource-consuming new productions.


More information about our climate-neutral servers can be found here: https://www.hetzner.de/unternehmen/umweltschutz/

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