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Secure & DSGVO-compliant teamwork with Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a freely available software for storing data on your own server and the smart open source alternative for DSGVO-compliant teamwork. It can be accessed through various end devices and synchronization of server and clients is possible everywhere. Thanks to its open source character, Nextcloud offers a high level of data security and flexibility, as well as transparency and the possibility of active participation. But what about the use of Nextcloud in projects? The following entry provides an overview of the software's security.

Use in projects

From a project perspective, the content stored in the cloud is worth protecting in terms of information security. The corresponding compliance rules must be defined here. This can refer, for example, to the laws, rules and regulations contained in the BSI-Grundschutz. Furthermore, also to the DSGVO and export control regulations. These must be ensured in the corresponding Nextcloud instance for the project through configuration (e.g. 2FA etc.) and, if necessary, additional agreement with all project participants. We will be happy to advise you on the DSGVO-compliant use of Nextcloud in your projects.

How secure is Nextcloud?

Two exemplary uses confirm the security of Nextcloud in the following areas: First, based on a decision by the Informationstechnikzentrum Bund (ITZBund) in 2018, the software is used in ministries and other institutions by 300,000 employees throughout Germany. Secondly, since 2019, the software has been used by authorities in France, Sweden and the Netherlands for data exchange. In the future, 100,000 employees working in the French Ministry of the Interior will also use Nextcloud.

According to AGPLv3 (3rd version of GNU Affero General Public License), the software includes all components, which means that there is no export restriction that can be seriously controlled. This means that Nextcloud users are entitled to download the source code, even if the software is only run on a server as a service. Consequently, the software is not made available for direct download and therefore also represents a license for free software with copyleft.

How to get Nextcloud?

The software is available from all over the world, including from the websites https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-22.1.0.zip and https://github.com/nextcloud. However, it is time-consuming and requires IT know-how to set up the software on your own. To avoid mistakes, the installation should be done by professionals. We offer the possibility of complete setup and hosting on servers owned by the customers. Feel free to contact us! We are at your disposal for any questions and other concerns.


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