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Increase in cyberattacks

Many studies show that the number of companies affected by cyberattacks is always on the rise and an increase in cybercrime victims can also be assumed in the future.
In addition, cybercrime is coming even more into focus due to the Ukraine war. Many ransomware-attacks are carried out by Russian hacker groups. The target is not only Ukraine, but also other European countries.

The current situation is worsening

Cyberattacks are no longer singular cases. According to a study commissioned by the digital association Bitkom, 84% of the more than 1000 companies surveyed were affected at least once last year by data theft or sabotage, for example. The German economy alone suffered losses of around 203 billion euros. Alarming numbers that show how damaging such attacks are. In the worst case, critical infrastructures, administrations or supply chains are paralyzed, which can lead to problems of public safety and lack of supply. 2021 the Anhalt-Bitterfeld administration was attacked by ransomware, so that regular operations were not possible for months. This is considered to be the first cyber catastrophe case in Germany.

Digital war - the "Vulkan Files"

The so called "Vulkan files" now reveal, that Russia apparently wants to use the fatal consequences of an successful attack. They name important transport- or energy networks as targets. But being in control of the internet in occupied territories also plays a central role in the Russian cyberwar. Vulkan is said to be just one of over 30 competing Russian companies.

"These examples, as well as many incidents in recent years, make it clear that there is a real threat from cyberspace to Germany's critical infrastructure." Konstantin von Notz (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) member of the Bundestag

Lack of security as the main problem

The main reason why many companies are affected by successful cyberattacks is a lack of investment in IT security. This is because the costs for appropriate measures are high and they do not pay off directly as long as no damage occurs. However, the consequences of an attack are even more expensive and additionally damage the company's reputation. Investments in IT security measures are therefore essential.

Preventing a hacker attack is a continuous process that pays off. The following graphic shows the procedure according to the BSI-Grundschutz standards.

Our company pays attention to cybersecurity (security by design) from the very beginning of the solutions & services we offer. In addition, our customers' data is backed up daily and transmitted exclusively in encrypted form. The employees of our company who are responsible for IT security are certified as BSI basic protection practitioners and therefore have the necessary qualifications in data protection and IT system security. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to advise you!

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