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ONLYOFFICE - Working without Microsoft and Google

We are pleased that we are now official partners of ONLYOFFICE, because as an open source solution it offers freedom and security in document collaboration and it is a real alternative to products from Microsoft and Google. In addition to collaboration via cloud storage, working with locally stored files is also possible. Besides web editors, ONLYOFFICE also scores with locally installable versions for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Developed in Latvia, the open source software includes editors for texts, tables and presentations, online document editors, a platform for document and project management, a CRM system and an e-mail client. The Community Edition for the server and the desktop editor are available free of charge. In addition, there are variants with more functions that can be used additionally as a cloud service. Another plus point: Since last year ONLYOFFICE is official partner of Nextcloud - in the current Nextcloud version ONLYOFFICE is directly part of the installation scope.

Deep integration with Nextcloud enables your users to collaborate with team members on Office documents in real time. It is possible to edit documents alone, with other users or with others who participate via a publicly shared link. Full support for MS Office formats such as DOCX and PPTX is provided as well as import and export of the Open Document format. Besides a modern and familiar user interface, ONLYOFFICE scores with the same browser and device independent document display, desktop level editing functions, public read-only/read-write links, the functions to track changes, accept/reject changes, multiple co-editing modes, commenting functions, mail merge and other benefits.

Since ONLYOFFICE does not require any external cloud storage for the collaboration of several users, it differs from Google and Microsoft in important points. A component that can be installed on self-hosted servers allows users full data sovereignty and meets the highest standards in data protection and data security. Integration into existing IT systems is possible without any problems.


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