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Our aixCMS

We have been continuously developing our aixCMS since 2012. Recently, some new functions have found their way into our website builder again. It is now possible to create new and varied animations on the websites. In addition, the replacement of background images and the setting of jump marks in the navigation bar is now easily possible. We took this as an opportunity to present our CMS once again.

Written on the basis of Ruby on Rails, aixCMS is the content management system on which our own website is based. The application is particularly flexible and can be customized specifically according to the wishes of our customers. One of the reasons for this is that we can adapt the intuitive customer user interface (the CMS editor) to the customer's needs, thus avoiding operating errors and the need for time-consuming training. The layout is designed to be easy to use and attractive. Changes can be made by the customer without HTML knowledge. In order to support the authors and designers in their work and to increase the efficiency of the web applications, the functions that are superfluous for the customer are removed. On the other hand, it is possible to add more functions needed by our customers. For this we consult with the customer very well, so that the requirements are worked out precisely and the customer is very satisfied with the final result.


Our aixCMS is constantly developed by our team and always follows the spirit of the times. It supports responsive designs by default and is thus perfectly adapted to any smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs. In addition, aixCMS supports the highest possible security standards and transmits data exclusively via an encrypted SSL/TLS connection. As a result, the highest standards and optimal ranking of the website are guaranteed. Furthermore, we host the data exclusively on servers in Germany and do not require our own IT. In this way, our customers can effectively run their business with minimal staff effort.

Maybe another CMS after all?

We are convinced for many reasons that our customers are best advised with our CMS. Alternative CMS, such as TYPO3, certainly offer many great features. Nevertheless, on the one hand, it happens again and again in customer projects that the complexity in typical use rather leads to problems and higher expenses. On the other hand, the flexibility to implement individual designs quickly reaches the limits of the "standard functionality" of the corresponding tools. Plug-ins or individual extensions then come into question as the only "help", which is cumbersome and actually avoidable. If our customers nevertheless choose an alternative CMS, we are of course happy to advise them there as well. Many of our customers use Wordpress, for example.

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